Photography hints

A Guide to photographing your pet
A good photograph is the key to producing quality pet portrait, the clarity quality and amount of detail of the photograph will have a direct effect on the clarity and detail in the finished portrait.

Here are a few tips to help you get the right angle and light.

• Kneel or crouch down to be at your pets’ level, this will avoid distortion and unnatural pose. However, if you want a slightly quirky pose that’s fine as well. It may help to place a small pet on a table or chair.

• Aim to have your pet looking towards you rather than up at you or focusing on something just over your shoulder would be preferable. Having someone with treats in hand might help.

• I need a good close-up photograph preferably at a three-quarter angle, so that you can see the whole of one side of the head. Just take a few slightly different angles and photograph both sides of your pet to see which you prefer.

• Photographs taken outside are best rather than artificial light, try to ensure that the sun is behind you so that it doesn’t cast a dark shadow across your pet. Try to avoid a really sunny day as the sun will create big shadows which can make certain details hard to see.

• Try to get as close to your pet as possible and fill the camera viewfinder, this will ensure you get more subject than background, backgrounds can be added, it’s your pet that is the most important part. Try to make sure that you keep in focus, as this will give the maximum amount of detail which will make painting the portrait easier as I can pick out the individual details and markings that make up your pets character.