• In order to commission a painting, the first thing to do is to get in touch with me by email

• I will then ask you to send me a few photographs, try to choose photographs that show your pets personality, send them all to me, then we can discuss which one will be the best ones to base your portrait on. Please see my photography guide to help you find the best possible images.

• Once we have chosen a reference photo we can then chat about your requirements, work out the total cost, timescale and you can let me know if you have a deadline in mind

• When all this is decided I will provide you with a written quotation, an estimated completion date and ask you for a 25% deposit.

• Then, if necessary, I can provide you with a brief sketch to give you an idea of how the portrait will look.

• When work on your portrait begins, I will keep you updated on my progress by email.

• On completion of your portrait I will invite you to come and see it, or I’ll send you an image by email. When you have confirmed you are happy with it; I will ask for the remaining balance. Portraits will be shipped, delivered or be available for collection once paid for in full.

• Unless otherwise agreed pastel portraits will be supplied with a simple mount in a protective cellophane bag to prevent smudging and should be kept wrapped until framed.

To get in touch to discuss commissioning your own pet portrait please use the contact page on this site.